Aaron Swartz is the founder and director of Demand Progress, a nonprofit advocacy group with over a million members. He is also a contributing editor to the Baffler magazine and his writing has been anthologized in The Best Software Writing and The Best Technology Writing. His piece "Image Atlas" (with Taryn Simon) has been exhibited at the New Museum.

He studied sociology at Stanford University and was a research fellow at Harvard's Center for Ethics. He co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification, used by millions of websites to publish updates; cofounded the startup Reddit.com, now one of the top 100 websites in the US; and architected the website OpenLibrary.org, which provides free access to millions of books. "In the technology world," The New York Times observed, "Mr. Swartz is kind of a big deal."

Most of the time we use plain background or a gradient but it may not be appealing so here are some very attractive gradient patterns :) have fun friends.The patterns are created using CSS3 linear-gradients by Lea Verou's (i changed it little for my convenience) from her original post on the topic of building patterns with gradients.

These demos work properly in IE 9 thanks to PIE. They do not work in IE 6-8 due to lack of support for sizing/positioning of linear-gradient as a tiled background.

For the users convenience i have deployed it my server u can directly use this link to access the code http://jbox.co.in/css/gradient.css

These are the patterns i frequently use in the templates i design.its gives a very good look and feel

An infrastructure is only as secure as its weakest link and as it turns out a vast majority of security issues related to Joomla are not caused by Joomla's core code. Most security issues stem from old unpatched versions of Joomla or insecure, out-of-date and poorly written third-party extensions.

Quite a long time i was thinking to make a chat plugin with javascript and ajax...time rolled out and we have jquery now... searched a lot in the internet to find some resource to start with but to my surprise i found hardly anything.. finally i started from scratch after 3 days of struggle i could make a chat simulation...

I started using JOOMLA since mid 2009.. before that i  tested many  basic blogs and CMS, nothing interested me. I found Drupal little complex in usability and wordpress not that powerful so i was left with joomla and its quite amazing. In the early days i used most of the hacked templates and pro components for my websites ..joomla extension directory has almost all components useful to build and genere website be it simple college,art,personal or a complex social websites.

Inspired from 9lessons blog here is a simple jquery based Facebook like wall feed.I used bootstrap css and csstricks grid tutorial in making this application. The front end has a textarea box, so anything entered and posted will be sent to jquery script and it returns a piece of code is added back to the page. 

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